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Musk Gin

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Step into a world where nostalgia meets sophistication with our enchanting Musk Gin. Inspired by the classic Australian candy, the Musk Stick, this gin is a delightful homage to the sweet memories of childhood, now reimagined for the discerning adult palate.

Tasting Notes:

  • Top Note: The unmistakable aroma of sweet musk, reminiscent of the beloved Musk Stick candy.

  • Heart Note: A carefully curated blend of botanicals that complements the musk without overpowering it.

  • Finish: A playful balance of sweetness and gin’s characteristic dryness, leaving a memorable and pleasant aftertaste.

Perfect Pairings:

Craftsmanship: Our Musk Gin is a labor of love, crafted by dissolving copious amounts of musk sticks into a specially selected gin. After allowing the flavors to marry, we filter the spirit to achieve a consistent mouthfeel and the iconic pink hue that’s sure to spark conversation1.

Experience the Charm: Every bottle of our Musk Gin is a ticket to the past, with a first-class upgrade. It’s the joy of childhood revisited, the excitement of sharing stories, and the pleasure of indulging in a grown-up treat, all encapsulated in a glass. Celebrate the good times and create new memories with our delightful Musk Gin.

Responsibly Crafted: We take pride in crafting our spirits responsibly. Our Musk Gin is designed for those who cherish the past but look forward to the future with every sip.

Embrace the sweet nostalgia of our Musk Gin, where every drop is a celebration of tradition, innovation, and the magic of memory.

Available in, 500 ml Bottle, 60 ml Two Shot Bottle or 60ml Fun Test Tube.

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