Raspberry Infused Gin

Raspberry Infused Gin

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Made from soaking fresh raspberries in our own distilled spirit. We have produced a truly delicious Gin.

Mix, straight or on the rocks. we are sure you love it.

Available in a 500 ml bottle, Two Shot 60 ml Bottle, or Fun 60ml Test Tube.

10% Discount if you buy two or more Liquor products (Discount automatically applied at checkout, Excludes Boxed Liquor Products).

Indulge in the exquisite flavours of Kookaburra Estate's raspberry gin. Made from soaking raspberries fresh from the vine, in our very own distilled spirit,

The Crafting Process

At Kookaburra Estate, nestled in the heart of central NSW, the crafting of our raspberry gin is more than just a process — it's a passionate journey. Beginning with the hand-picking of the freshest raspberries, we ensure that only the best berries make their way to our distillery.

Once selected, these juicy gems are gently soaked in our meticulously distilled spirit, absorbing its richness while imparting their own fruity zest.

Over time, the raspberries infuse the gin with their vivid colour and bold flavours, resulting in a berry flavoured gin that is both visually striking and palate-pleasing. Every drop tells a story of dedication, expertise, and a love for gin-making.

Our distillers, with years of experience under their belts, then fine-tune the infusion, striking the perfect balance between the fruit's natural sweetness and the crispness of the gin.

Each bottle that leaves our estate carries with it a touch of the farm's spirit, the freshness of nature, and the legacy of Kookaburra's exceptional craftsmanship. It’s truly one of the berry flavoured gins in the market.

Sip The Raspberry Sensation Today

Exploring the world of raspberry gin has never been so rewarding! Our exclusive berry flavoured gin is available in a variety of packaging to suit every occasion: the classic 500 ml bottle for those cosy nights in, a 60 ml two-shot bottle perfect for a quick indulgence, or our quirky test tube packaging that's sure to be a conversation starter.

Plus, enjoy a 10% Discount when you buy two or more liquor products. Remember, the discount is automatically applied at checkout. Join us in this flavourful journey and taste the magic of Kookaburra Estate.

Re 10% Discount if you buy two or more Liquor products (Discount automatically applied at checkout, Excludes Boxed Liquor Products).




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