Fairy Floss Liqueur

Fairy Floss Liqueur

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Step into a whimsical world of sweetness and delight with our Fairy Floss Liqueur, a captivating spirit that embodies the joy and nostalgia of childhood. This liqueur is a playful celebration of one of life’s simplest pleasures, spun sugar, transformed into an enchanting adult indulgence.

Tasting Notes:

  • Top Note: The airy, sugary scent of fairy floss that evokes memories of carnivals and funfairs.

  • Heart Note: A delicate, sweet flavor that melts on the tongue, just like the real thing.

  • Finish: A smooth, lingering sweetness that brings a smile with every sip.

Perfect Pairings:

Craftsmanship: Our Fairy Floss Liqueur is lovingly crafted by infusing premium spirits with the essence of fairy floss, capturing the iconic flavor and transforming it into a liquid treat. With an ABV of 40%, it’s the perfect balance of playful and potent.

Experience the Magic: Each bottle of our Fairy Floss Liqueur is an invitation to relive the wonder of childhood through the sophisticated lens of adulthood. It’s a toast to the past, a celebration of the present, and a nod to the future—all in one enchanting sip.

Discover Your Favorite: Explore the delightful variations of fairy floss liqueurs, each offering a unique take on this beloved flavor. Whether you prefer the classic sweetness or a hint of fruitiness, there’s a fairy floss adventure waiting for every taste1.

Responsibly Crafted: We are committed to crafting our liqueurs responsibly. Our Fairy Floss Liqueur is designed for those who appreciate the art of fine spirits and seek to enjoy them with mindfulness and joy.

Indulge in the playful charm of our Fairy Floss Liqueur, where every drop is a celebration of the sweet, the whimsical, and the joy of life’s simple pleasures.

Available in, 500 ml Bottle, 60 ml Two Shot Bottle or 60ml Fun Test Tube.

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